Importer of Quality Products From Italy & Europe

Quality never goes out of fashion, there is no substitute

  • Affordability

    Euro Catering prides itself on importing the Finest Quality Products from Italy & Europe at affordable prices.

  • Diversity

    With a diverse range of products including pasta, olive oil , tomatoes, "00" flour , semolina , aged vinegars, cheeses,you are sure you expose your tastbuds to a delactable array of flavours.

  • Service

    Our partnerships with local suppliers, with focus on serivice delivery, ensure our products will get you timeously and safely.

Our Flagship Products

You are what you eat! So eat something delectable

  • Costa d'Oro Olive oil

    Costa d’Oro strives to give life to its oils, always keeping their customers’ health in mind by placing the best, most natural oils on their tables.

  • Ristoris

    Ristoris take great care over the selections that lead to their end product: only in this way can they talk about excellent quality. Raw materials are rigorously selected, wherever possible preferring products of Italian origin.

  • Sica Pomodori

    With fresh tomato exclusively selected from the Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Lazio regions of Italy, Sica Tomatoes boast a preservative free product that retains all its natural sensory characteristics.

  • Cellino Pasta

    Based in Sardinia, Italy, Pasta Cellino ensures that every step of the way is controlled every day to guarantee an outstanding result in terms of organoleptic properties and reliability.

  • Pasta Lori

    Based in the region of Puglia , Italy Pasta Lori only use semolina from selected durum wheat blends. They pride themselves on your use of the The Loizzo's Mill, built over 40 years ago.

  • Dallagiovanna

    The Molino Dallagiovanna Team have been working with passion since 1832 to provide you with the best flour from the Emiglia-Romania Region of Italy

  • Molino Mininni

    Molino Mininni began in 1877 with Pietro, a tenacious and wise landowner. From millstones: two monolithic stone blocks set in motion by horses it developed into one of the first industrial milling plants in Altamura, in the south of Italy.

  • Granducale Panettoni

    Il Vecchio Forno is one of the leading Italian producers of panettone. They are located in the Agno river valley near the Vicenza hills in the North Eastern Italian region of Veneto. The Granducale Brand reflects the respect for the traditional method of production adopted at Il Vecchio Forno.

  • Caffe Cavaliere

    Caffe Cavaliere is not only a roaster, but it is a window to the world of Italian style and tradition in coffee making.

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